Whippet Gifts

Whippet Gifts, Merchandise and Collectibles: Hand-crafted gift items from original woodcarvings that include bookends, walking sticks, snow globes, welcome signs, and many others. These collectibles are priceless, yet affordable. A line of Whippet figurines and ornament products known throughout the world. All of our stone resin items are hand painted. Whippet themed products including throws, pillows, tote bags and wall hangings, these items are also available for many other dog breeds. This merchandise is made domestically in USA mills. Product quality is so spectacular, these items have been woven for the White House. The products are very special and it begins with finely selected cotton yarns, masterfully woven on jaquard looms. Porcelain collectibles with an unsurpassed quality. We offer the largest selection of Whippet gift items in the industry including calendars, flags, figurines, ornaments, angels, pillows, tote bags, travel mugs, signs, treat jars, stationery, note cards and many more products for Whippet lovers.
Whippet - Tamara Burnett Car Mats
This Item Is Not Available For International Shipping.
Whippet Aluminum Xing Sign
Whippet Brndl Wht Earrings Hanging
Whippet Caution Sign
Whippet Gry Wht Earrings Hanging
Whippet Metal Garden Stake
Custom item please allow 3 - 6 weeks for delivery
Whippet Tan & White Pen Set
Pen sets are shipped without the figurine glued in place. This eliminates...
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